Directions for making our Outlaw Hat Band with Kit.
Your Outlaw Hatband Kit will
contain (1) 26 inch leather strap,
(10) 'S' Shaped Conchos, (10)
Diamond Shaped Conchos and
(1) tie strap.  
Other items you will need to
make your Outlaw Hatband. Hole
Punch, flat sharp pointed knife
(to make slits in leather) and one
wooden board. One small piece
of cardboard 3/4 inch wide for a
Punch two holes at the end of
your leather strip for tie strap.
Place and center one diamond
shaped concho on the leather
strip and press down hard so that
ears on back of concho mark the
When you remove your concho
area is marked were slits need to
be made so concho can be
inserted into leather strip.
Take your knife and press
straight down to make two slits
were area was marked. Be sure
to do this on a wooden board so
knife goes completely thru the
leather. The wood will also help
you not to make a slit to wide by
pressing thru to far.
Insert concho in slits and turn
your band over to the back side.
Bend the ears on concho inward
to hold your concho in place.
Turn band back over and use a
piece of cardboard 3/4 inch long
as a spacer between your
conchos. Carefully place next S
shaped concho were you want it
and press down to mark leather.
Once leather is marked....
Take your knife and cut the slits
wide enough so concho ears can
be entered. Be sure to cut your
slits at the angle that your concho
ears are placed so they fit
Turn band over and bend ears of
concho down to hold concho in place.
Continue on down your band in
this fashion placing your conchos
3/4 inch apart to the length
needed for the size of your hat.
Take your time and take care to
center each one correctly before
marking holes and cutting slits.
How to make your Hat band correct fit your hat.
If you have made your own hat band, or ordered a pre-made hat band. Here is how to make
your hat band correct fit your hat.
Place band on your hat and pull together
snuggly. Take a pencil and mark thru
holes to see were to correctly punch
holes for the back side of your string to
hold band together.
Once you have made the holes in the
marked area of your band, lace your tie
strap thru the holes from the back side to
the front as pictured.
Tie strap in a tight knot, and trim any areas
if need and place on your hat.

Job Complete.
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